Executive Summary

Handsome and sophisticated man-about-town with backend development skills seeks crypto/fintech side hustles.

Longer Summary

10+ years' experience as an enterprise web application developer, dealing mostly with Java, relational databases, and REST APIs. Full time freelance/remote worker with a passion for code quality, test coverage, and best practices.

In my professional career I've been exposed to every part of the SDLC and have experience managing ancillary aspects of software development, including communication and documentation and DevOps-y workaround build pipelines, infrastructure, CI/CD, etc.

I enjoy writing tests for the code I develop, and I take code reviews very seriously. I think a job worth doing is worth doing well and I've seen how things can go wrong when code quality and test coverage is not enforced. I have experience as a mentor and senior technical resource for engineering teams and even though my standards have produced some grumbling from time to time I am proud of the products we have delivered.


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