English -> Polish Translations

We are a team of experienced translators, and we would like to bring your project to a fresh, underrated market, which is Polish crypto community.

By translating your webpage, posts, announcements and blogs we would make your project more available to a market of a huge potential. We could also create our own writings specifically addressed to a Polish community tackling topics that are for example deeply connected with our local crypto ecosystem. By doing so, we believe that increased outreach would bring many local technology entrepreneurs to you.

Poland is the third biggest volume provider in Europe today and is one of the most rapidly developing countries in EU. Cryptocurrencies are on the rise over here and seeing that more and more foreign projects are noticing Poland, we think that the drive will continue. Many underestimate the strength and opportunities that might come from Eastern Europe, and we would like to prove you otherwise.

As for who we are and our experience -- As a team of 4 native speakers we have been translating writings connected with crypto and economy for over a year now, and we are looking to expand our reach even further. We've been working for major project and exchanges, both Polish and foreign, as well as created our own publications that were appreciated by the Polish crypto community. By creating high-quality translations we believe, that we can help build crypto ecosystem in Poland and that we can help you become a part of it.