Custom, High Quality Website Design & Development

Who I am

My name is Rain, I'm a digital product designer and software developer combo experienced with crypto startups and fintech. I work full-time at a successful crypto company but happy to lend a hand around the industry.

Timezone: EST

What I do

I make pro designs for branding, social media assets and websites and apps. I develop websites and web apps.

As a startup or young company I am well aware everything about your company changes rapidly. That's why I do quick prototyping for design and develop from scratch so we can get the job done and make it stand out.

What I offer you
- high quality design and development
- quick turnaround
- strong communication skills.

How I work

We chat over email/zoom about the scope of your project.
You pay 50% of the agreement if it's a go.
You show me the design. We talk about your needs.
You pay 25% of the agreement before I start.
I develop the website over the weekend or in 7 days.
You review it and let me know what to change.
I finalize, we go live, I get paid the remaining balance, and you're happy :)

If you need design along with development, keep in mind 2 additional meetings are needed. One to discuss your design goals, and one to approve my designs.

PS. graphics in the portfolio images are made by me as well, in case you need sleek 3D assets for your company. :P

Git Hub / Portfolio Address: Too busy building to have a portfolio atm, github: sweetpea22