Node.js backend development

Hi guys,

I'm working as a Node.js freelancer since 4 years.

I recently led French National Lottery’s digital transformation plan on Node.js technology.

I built multiple versioned RESTful APIs from scratch, some of them was a barcode generation service, a tickets tracking service, an onboarding service. These services are used by millions of users in France and there's nearly no maintenance to do as the services are running smoothly.

Despite coding here are what I did on a daily basis:
- setup GitLab pipeline with shared runners
- MongoDB requests optimization (lean, stream), hot migration feature, cold migration scripts, locks management
- technical framework conception
- OpenAPI (OAS3) contracts drafting
- entities relationship drafting
- manage issues, merge requests, versions, code review, pair programming
- check API contract compliance with consumers and product owner
- attend project meetings
- manage project deadlines.

What defines me the most is speed of development and quality of code. I'm doing my best to bring best practices and the most reliable, robust and optimized code as possible.

Preffered stack: microservices architecture, Scrumban, Gitlab, Git flow, Node.js 10 and 12+, ESLint and Airbnb base config, Mocha and Chai, Express, MongoDB, mongoose, Joi, bunyan, RabbitMQ (AMQP 1.0 with JMS mapping), Docker, PM2, New Relic, custom metrics, logs shipment via TCP/UDP, hot migration, Mac.

Git Hub / Portfolio Address: