SMM specialist

SMM specialist

activity imitation

I offer a wide range of services for interacting with the audience:

▪️Telegram marketing:
Social activity imitation in your telegram chat. Creating an "engagement and hype" in the chat, showing the interest in your project from "real people, investors."
▪️Promotion on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Bitcointalk, etc. based on where your core audience is
▪️Active shilling on social networks
▪️Conducting an airdrop.
▪️Play Market app promotion
▪ Increasing the activity and engagement in your Bitcointalk thread
▪️YouTube - likes, views, comments, subscribers boost
▪️LinkenId, Twitter, Instagram, FB - all kinds of activities, comments, subscriptions, likes, followers, etc.
▪️Community management in telegram / discord chats
▪️Guerilla marketing for telegram chat and bitcointalk.
▪️Project promotion at /
▪️Inviting the core audience in your telegram chat, increasing the number of users in the chat.
▪️Working with opinion leaders as well as bloggers. Create reviews and presentations of your project.

Everything related to the audience, promotion, communication, comments, reviews, creating a positive sentiment in your community, handling the negative, etc. - I can do everything

Add. info:
- the price for services varies based on what services are needed and in how much/for how long.
- 24/7 coverage
- work remotely
- The priority language of work is English. Fluent, no translators.

Over the past 2 years, I worked with such projects: Hoqu, AppCoins, SP8DE, UTRUST, Flux, DreamTeam, SkyChain, Remme, WorldWiFi, LeadCoin, TokenGo, BitRent, AdHive, Safein, TruePlay, ADGEX, Taklimakan, BitRewards, Ingot, W12, Ducator , ClashGo, SelfieGo, Kasko2Go, Paymon, Ubex, East2, Aeron, ShareRing, Glabatallent, BolttCoin, RiseX, BankAero, Gexan, Mainfinex, Kuverit, Roobee, POWh
Exchanges:, free2ex
Exchangers: monabey, risex

If you have any question - text me in Telegram @Crypto_prom