Fomo Free YouTube T.A Video

If you'd prefer that I didn't post the video for the public to also consume then you can request that for an additional fee of $100. I recommend that you consider the fee a tip and subscribe to the channel to learn T.A over a longer term.


If you'd like me to take a look at a coin let me know here and I'll spend one hour looking into the coin. During that hour I will make a video around 10 minutes in length and upload it to YouTube.

This service is not a two way stream, if you'd like that then you can request it but I can not guarantee times, availability or indeed willingness to perform one on one education. On the other hand I can take a look at the various requirements you have on a video which is available for public consumption or privately for just you.

I'm Rocky Outcrop - I do daily Technical Analysis on a variety of cryptocurrencies. Daily I take a look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos and Chainlink. I also occasionally look at suggested coins.

If you'd like me to look at a particular coin then you can suggest it here along with time frames, indicators and any objects you'd like to see such as patterns, channels, support and resistance and fib retracements.