Design and Launch Your ERC 20 Token

I am a blockchain developer with deep experience designing and launching token projects. I have personally been involved in launching several unique tokens and can help get your idea off the ground.

This listing is for a basic ERC-20 token. I will work with you to design, scope, and launch the token. This will not include ongoing technical support, but I will show you how to manage it after you launch the token.

For custom projects (beyond a simple ERC20 launch), I will need to scope the project and provide a qoute.

Below is a summary of my technical experience:

Expertise: Blockchain engineering (software, data patterns, cryptography). Full stack software architecture. Full stack real-time data pipeline architecture & engineering. Full stack TypeScript applications. Bitcoin Protocol. Front-end Engineering. VM Server assembly & configuration.

Core Efficiencies: Full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript Applications. Angular 5/6/7/..., RxJS, Vue, ES6 JS, Node, Express, MongoDB, API architecture, Docker, Cloud Data Storage, Continuous Integration (CI), Cloud & Virtual Environments, Linux, MacOS.

Blockchain/Crypto specific skills: Bulk blockchain analysis & aggregation ETL, Data Extraction, Creating/Extending & Running Block Explorers, Bitcoin protocol wallet development, Mining - building & configuring mining rigs and pools, Bitcoin protocol & cryptographic applications.

Additional Skills: React, SQL, JSON, Test Driven Development (Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Phantom - etc), C++, Google Cloud, AWS, Google Analytics, Networking, Data Visualization, Agile, Adobe Certified Expert: Photoshop.

Git Hub / Portfolio Address: