Full-Stack React/Node/MongoDB web app with User Authentication

I will deliver a deployed full-stack web application with a beautifully designed dashboard and a Node.JS server with user authentication.

Example => https://tundratrust.com/

Get your project or startup off the ground quicker. With a fully scaffolded project you will be able to bring in an engineer to write your business logic without spending weeks or a month on the nitty gritty boiler plate.

What you get:
- 2 Github repos (or a github organization containing these two repos)
- React dashboard written in modern style using functional components (Light/Dark theme)
- Node/Express server including a user schema and connection to a MongoDB Altas cluster for a database
- User Authentication using Auth0. Sign in with email/google/twitter etc.
- CI/CD Pipelines for deployment to rapidly iterate and push new code quickly
- Documentation for all the above for easy transition from me to you
- 3 hours of support