Marketing growth

Trained as a marketer and passionate about entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency since 2016 I worked mainly in the commercial development of innovative products and as a marketing manager and for different blockchain / crypto project. Today, I help companies to develop their turnover by reviewing their business model and optimizing certain channels through a relevant marketing audit. My specialty is also advertising on Facebook / Instagram but my general knowledge allows me to advise and help on different facets to grow the business as a whole.
My business creations and missions have mainly led me to :
- Test and develop business ideas (activity that does not generate income at the beginning)
- Analyze existing activities, review their business models and test new opportunities
- Test and optimize acquisition strategies, retention on the internet via many channels: Facebook/Instagram Ads, SEO, SEA (Adwords and Display), mailing...
- Work on website conversionOur agency was built in 2019 and we are manly focus on cryptocurrency project now.
My principles:
- Respect, commitment and passion
- Always learn and be inspired by others (companies, brands, entrepreneurs)
- Impact-driven (learning, qualitative and quantitative data, process improvement...)-Constant optimization
I would be happy to discuss your project/mission with you and see if I can help you!