Community Management & Customer Support

I have been involved in the blockchain space since 2016. I specialize in engaging communities on Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, Discord and Twitter, and have worked with multiple projects in this way to date (references available if required).

I also offer QA testing services, and provide Customer Support through any of the above platforms, as well as Live Chat platforms such as Intercom.

I am able to communicate clearly, efficiently and effectively with a wide range of audiences and am comfortable discussing complex technical concepts.

I am EU-based, so my personal coverage is limited to that timezone, but i have previously leveraged contacts residing in different timezones to offer global 24/7 coverage.

I am always looking for exciting new opportunities in this evolving and innovative space, so if your project is in need of some community management, social media management, or Customer Support resourcing please feel free to get in touch!

My pricing is extremely competitive, and starts at $1000 per month. Please contact me with details of what you are looking for, and I will provide a specific quotation built around these requirements.

Thank you