Content & Lead Magnet Creation for Your B2B Crypto Project

Looking to create new opportunities from institutions/corps for your B2B crypto or blockchain project?

Creating an inbound machine through content marketing is the lifeblood of drumming up new leads to close. Cold calling & lunch n' learns are great, but they can only get you so far and require a ton of human capital (I've been there).

Here's the playbook we'll follow:

-Produce great informational long-form content (eBooks, infographics, research papers, case studies) around your solution. Place a form on them to collect leads in exchange for said content
-Drive traffic to website through SEO, SEM, & Paid Social
-Collect leads from long-form content
-Analyze, Optimize, Repeat
-*BONUS: Looking to nurture those valuable leads? We'll set up email campaigns to bring the lead from top-of-funnel to piping hot lead for your team to close

I've worked on content marketing to drive leads from large financial institutions, including Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, UBS, RBC, Merrill, & large RIAs/Family Offices. The above playbook works, just a matter of putting the nose to the grindstone!