Private/Secure VoIP Phone System w/ Video Conferencing

Full featured, Private, IP phone system with built in video conference capabilities and mobile apps.

Say goodbye to Zoom and take your privacy back

In the age of COVID-19, businesses need a reliable way for employees to work and communicate from their homes. Giving out your personal cell phone number for business purposes is not a good idea. You are opening yourself up to potential marketing calls while blurring the line between between business and personal time.

Companies with cloud based unified communications solutions allow users to work from anywhere in the world while maintaining the separation between business and personal time and space.

At Progressive Computer Research, we’ve taken the best technologies and components used by the world’s largest corporations and incorporated them into one open system. This approach eliminates any single point of failure that other closed system IP phone providers are threatened by. We recommend handsets from Yealink, which provides equipment to the G20 and the United Nations. Our system software is used by American Express, MIT, Pepsi, and Boeing. Our systems are hosted on Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, and our voice infrastructure provider provides service to Google, Zoom, RingCentral, Skype, LogMeIn, and GoDaddy.

Price listed is per hosted extension/month.

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