AML & Compliance Services

Anagram is a specialised AML Compliance and Technology Advisory firm, bridging the traditional finance to a modern digital economy. We provide professional compliance services utilising existing financial infrastructure and leverage of capabilities of Fintech and Regtech.

Service lines:

1.) Provision of Compliance & Educational training:

AML Compliance training can be provided to traditional and non- traditional companies who fall under obligation of CPD and annual AML trainings. Compliance and employee training is mandated by legislation, regulation or policy. Purpose is to educate employees on the laws or regulations applicable to their job function or industry in order to ensure following local regulations and understanding of modern structures within the digital economy sphere.

2.) Compliance Professional Services & Advisory:

Outsourced Compliance Professional Services may include:

• Providing Compliance and AML policies & procedures in collaboration with Company Management

• Advise on Due Diligence/Risk-based approach and onboarding process, choice of AML service providers / Software selection RFP. Provision of day to day onboarding documents eg. Risk Assessment sheet, Document requirement as per Risk and legal entity status.

• Setup remediation plan of KYC/AML Findings, implementation of sound monitoring systems to clear findings.

• Advise and help on Compliance Monitoring plan and internal / external / regulatory on site visits to reduce and findings

• Independent enhanced due diligence reports on findings.

• Impact assessment on 1.) upcoming regulatory developments such as upcoming AML Directives or FATF travel rule. 2.) Internal / External AML audits 3.) Ongoing monitoring