Head of Product/Engineering


I'm a Product Manager with extensive experience in leading complex technical projects in the financial industry. If you are an individual or a group of traders who want someone to lead your efforts in automating some of your strategies, you found your guy.

I worked all my life as the guy between the technical engineers and the "get it done" C-level / business people. With me there is less friction between you and your engineering team and I assure that complex projects are brought to completion. I keep everyone in pace, and in the loop.

  • I'm part engineer: I know Python, Javascript, Node.js, Express.js, CSS, React, Flask and I've worked extensively with deploying and managing production level code on Google Cloud. I'm well familiar with microservice architecture.

  • I'm part trader: I've actively traded the financial markets for +3 years. I'm fully systematic with automated strategies trading crypto, forex and stocks.

  • I'm part entrepreneur: I've founded many startups and used to work in the booming tech industry in South East Asia. I built a tech company together with the core founders of Lazada (Acquired by Alibaba for $2 Bn USD).

I also know a lot of talent if needed. I have worked with a lot of highly skillful engineers and traders, whom are happy to work with me again.

Things I've delivered:
1. A client wanted his strategy to be automated for the crypto markets. I helped scoping the project, writing the tech specs, run the recruitment process, lead the development process, run the testing and finally deploy the strategy. Stats: 6PF, 2.01 Sharpe, 10-20 trades/month.
2. Built a startup that functioned as a claim engine for power outages. I built a network of robots that monitored the entire power grid of a country and automated the whole process. Was acquired.
3. Led the engineering department of a startup in high growth which was listed on NASDAQ.

I work in the EU timezone. I speak English (Native) & Spanish (conversational)