Cannabis Consulting

The legal cannabis and hemp industries have quickly become attractive investments for firms and individuals alike, but said investment and business opportunities widely vary in value, practicality, and legitimacy.

For a synopsis of my consultancy's services, my website is For the fintech space, I believe the most useful services would be:
- Getting companies quickly up to speed with the space. This includes startup ancillary tech companies, or existing firms looking to expand into cannabis/hemp.
- Conducting remote or onsite audits of a business's existing operations, or pre-operational plans and projections.
- Creating financial models and proprietary projections, along with reports detailing respective market risks and opportunities.
- Bringing in additional team members to provide CFO support, scale ancillary businesses, and assist with capital raises.
- Any of the jobs covered below.

My background mostly pertains to operational planning and support (financial modeling, license acquisition, team member selection, facility design/buildout, process improvement, product development, research trial development, etc), and for the past 6-12 months I've allocated the majority of my time leveraging said skills to conduct investment analysis and M&A target identification. I also advise some ancillary startups in the industry via my consultancy and some of the leading accelerators.

I am open to both hourly and monthly retainer based engagements. Let me know any questions you have, thank you.